Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a popular term that refers to the quality of air inside your home. Air quality inside houses has become increasingly important, since your home’s inhabitants can suffer medical ailments as a result of poor air. Inadequate indoor air quality can be caused by a number of different things. We have listed some culprits to poor air quality.

Molds and allergens can be caused by many different things, though the most common causes are moisture induced mold, and animal or plant induced allergens. Mold can grow in high moisture areas with poor ventilation. Mold can grow inside of walls, or on the outside of any wall. In order to test for mold growth, a mold inspection should be administered by an independent inspection company. Once the mold has been removed, Superior Air Systems recommends installing a whole house dehumidification system on your home to control excess moisture.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers will make your home comfortable year round.

  • According to the EPA, for maximum comfort, your indoor relative humidity (RH) should be maintained between 35% and 50%
  • Indoor humidity cannot be efficiently controlled with and air conditioner system alone.  Air conditioners are designed to cool a home based on a temperature set point; dehumidifiers focus solely on removing humidity.

Using a whole house ventilating dehumidifier will allow you to precisely control the indoor humidity levels of your home and will greatly increase the comfort of your home.

Symptoms of high humidity include:

  • A musty odor in your home, basement, or crawl space
  • Allergic reactions to mold or dust mites
  • Visible mold growth in your home, basement, or crawl space
  • Cupped wood floors
  • Feeling “sticky” or “muggy”
  • Visible condensation or water stains
  • Peeling wallpaper or blistering paint